Employee Engagement: How to Build a Committed, High-Performance Workforce

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If you're not yet convinced of the impact of employee engagement, consider this research.

Studies have found that engaged workers deliver three times as much value as disengaged workers. But here's a little known secret about employee engagement: It isn't something you have to earn. It's the default for most workers. They come to the job ready to do their best and make a difference. Unfortunately, over time managers and organizations unknowingly do things that cause workers to disengage and give less than 100%.

The kit contains 3 complete training modules

  1. Employee Engagement: Leadership and Attachment
  2. Tapping into Discretionary Effort 
  3. Employee Engagement: The Power of Validation

Each of the 3 topics in this kit includes:

  • The short-form "Quick Take" video learning module
  • Handouts for following along and taking notes
  • Discussion Guide to help direct meaningful follow up conversation and reinforce the message
  • Summary Sheet participants can hang by their desks for quick review
  • Quiz  to reinforces the training and allows you to track how well people internalized the concept

Why "Quick Take" modules?

Short-form: Just six to 10 minutes long. Today's adult learners can't sit for extended periods of time absorbing training material.

Single-Concept: Teaching people just one concept at a time vastly increases the likelihood that learning will be retained and deployed successfully. Each program delivers a single "aha moment".

Research-based: Learners that perceive their training as credible drives a higher level of behavior change.

The research says you’ll get high engagement and high knowledge retention if you structure training events in short segments that focus on one, research-based concept, not three, or four or five.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn in each of the modules:

Employee Engagement: Leadership and Attachment (10:19)

Imagine yourself deeply immersed in an activity you love. That activity might involve tedious work, but it doesn’t seem tedious. On the contrary, it's so enjoyable that hours fly by like minutes. How much more motivated and productive would your employees be if they felt that way about their jobs? What if they simply loved coming to work and were so fully “engaged” in what they do that they gave “discretionary effort” to every task. In this Quick Take you will learn what it takes to earn this level of employee engagement, how engagement affects the bottom line, and how to combat three destructive narratives that cause employees to disengage.

Employee Engagement: Tapping into Discretionary Effort (9:12)

Why do some teams succeed where others fail? What is it that gets some workers to engage 100% while others simply keep a seat warm? When things aren’t working, should you blame the employees or does the fault always lie with their manager? In this Quick Take you will learn how the principles of Attachment Theory apply to leadership, why attachment enhances engagement and four triggers that weaken attachment bonds – and how managers can avoid them.

Employee Engagement: The Power of Validation (8:42)

The saying goes that numbers drive the business. That may be true, but what drive the numbers? The answer, of course, is the people. But what drives your people? In this Quick Take, you will learn the most powerful driver of results in your organization, the meaning of “validation” and why it’s key to employee engagement, the single type of validation that has the biggest impact on employees and the I.C.U. Model for giving effective employee recognition.