FMLA Essentials: Respecting Worker Rights and Protecting Your Organization

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The Family and Medical Leave Act is designed to give employees the time they need to deal with serious health and family issues. FMLA leave is a legal right, and companies should go out of their way to support employees who require it.

Unfortunately, front line managers and supervisors don't always have the information they need to deal with FMLA situations correctly. To them, FMLA leave requests create staffing and production challenges that make their jobs more difficult. As a result, they may unknowingly say or do something that violates the rules -- and that puts your organization at risk.

The kit contains 3 complete training modules

  1. FMLA Certification: What Every Manager Needs To Know
  2. Intermittent FMLA Leave: Techniques to Manage and Control It
  3. Military FMLA Leave: Twists and Turns That Challenge HR

Each of the 3 topics in this kit includes:

  • The short-form "Quick Take" video learning module
  • Handouts for following along and taking notes
  • Discussion Guide to help direct meaningful follow up conversation and reinforce the message
  • Summary Sheet participants can hang by their desks for quick review
  • Quiz  to reinforces the training and allows you to track how well people internalized the concept

Why "Quick Take" modules?

Short-form: Just six to 10 minutes long. Today's adult learners can't sit for extended periods of time absorbing training material.

Single-Concept: Teaching people just one concept at a time vastly increases the likelihood that learning will be retained and deployed successfully. Each program delivers a single "aha moment".

Research-based: Learners that perceive their training as credible drives a higher level of behavior change.

The research says you’ll get high engagement and high knowledge retention if you structure training events in short segments that focus on one, research-based concept, not three, or four or five.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn in each of the modules:

FMLA Certification: What Every Manager Needs To Know (8:41)

Most workers play by the rules when it comes to FMLA. But there are some who take unfair advantage of FMLA and sooner or later you’ll have to deal with them. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn the #1 mistake that will get you sued over employee abuse of FMLA intermittent leave, the three rules you must know to legally deal with intermittent leave abuse, and how to handle employees who try to game the system.

Intermittent FMLA Leave: Techniques to Manage and Control It (8:41)

Most managers and supervisors realize that employees have the legal right to take FMLA Intermittent leave. And, more often than not, they’re sympathetic to the employee’s situation. At the same time, team leaders have to produce results -- and that can be challenging when workers can’t make it in. So how can managers and supervisors reduce disruption when a well-intentioned employee must take intermittent leave. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn three ways to manage intermittent FMLA leave – without interfering with employees’ rights.

Military FMLA Leave: Twists and Turns That Challenge HR (9:26)

Eligible employees may take two kinds of military leave under the FMLA: military caregiver leave or qualifying exigency leave. Military FMLA works a lot like regular FMLA. But there’s just enough difference to throw you off if you’re not careful. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn two key ways that military FMLA leave differs from regular FMLA, how to comply with the law on FMLA military caregiver leave, how to comply with the law on FMLA qualifying exigency leave and steps you can take to verify eligibility when employees ask for such leave.