Framing the Sale: The Power of Loss Aversion

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If you sell a product like home security systems or insurance, fear of loss is obviously a powerful incentive to buy. What’s less obvious is that the fear of losing something -- termed “loss aversion” by psychologists – can play a key role in just about any sale.

In this Quick Take, you will learn the powerful conclusion of a study on loss aversion, the dramatic differences in the ways that people calculate potential benefit versus potential loss and how to add power to your value proposition by reframing it around loss aversion.

    This "Quick Take" training module is:

    Short – just about 5 minutes long – so even your most impatient managers will watch it

    Focused - It delivers a single “aha” that will change behavior

    Perfect for both team and individual training sessions.

    This training kit includes:

    • The 5 minute video learning module
    • Handouts for following along and taking notes
    • Discussion Guide to help direct meaningful follow up conversation and reinforce the message
    • Summary Sheet participants can hang by their desks for quick review
    • Quiz  to reinforces the training and allows you to track how well people internalized the concept

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