How You Can Help Create a Harassment-Free Workplace

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All employees have the right to work in a respectful, harassment-free environment. Management is responsible for establishing policy, but employees play an important role in keeping the workplace harassment-free as well.

That's why you’re invited to check out How You Can Help Create a Harassment Free Workplace — a powerful 21-minute training program that provides your employees and managers with the critical information they need to keep your organization harassment-free and out of the courtroom.

A complete harassment training program for your employees and managers

Viewers will learn:

The program contains:

  1. A 21-minute program that covers the most critical aspects of workplace harassment rules and the common mistakes employees, supervisors and managers must avoid
  2. A quiz (both online and print versions) to ensure participants mastered the material -- and that you can use to document the training
  3. A Discussion Guide for meeting leaders to conduct follow-up conversation on key points
  4. A sample EEO & Anti-Harassment policy employees can read and sign as part of the training (The policy is in MS-Word format so you can easily customize it to fit your organization's needs)

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