The Leadership Training Series

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What separates a "just ok" manager from an extraordinary leader?

Extraordinary leaders have confidence in their ideas but also seek out contributions from others. They know when to give employees autonomy and when to get involved. And they know how to create an environment where people feel good going to work every day.

The 3 Leadership Training Series programs are: 

Communication: How to be an Idea Catalyst, Not an Idea Killer

In this program you'll learn:

    1. Why too much confidence can shut down contributions by the people on your team
    2. When it's important for a leader to appear capable and confident and when it's important to dial it back
    3. Behavioral cues of confidence that managers use both consciously and unconsciously

    The Power of Predictability

    In this program you'll learn:

      1. How the brain creates "predictive models" that are designed to tell us what's going to happen
      2. Why we feel good when our predictions are right- and bad when they're wrong
      3. How you can use the principle of predictability to create a more productive and positive work environment for your people

      Empowerment & Accountability: How Much Rope Should You Give Your People?

      In this program you'll learn:

      1. What behavioral research has to say about deadline-setting and deadline missing
      2. Why people often fail to meet deadlines they set for themselves
      3. How the research applies to issues of employee empowerment and accountability

      Each program includes the video, handouts, discussion guides, summary sheets, and a quiz. 

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