Performance Talk: Conversations That Get Your People to Goal

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Truly effective managers understand that the secret to getting results through people is strong communication. They know that employees need frequent, honest feedback about their performance.

Unfortunately, managers sometimes fail to deliver “performance talks” as often or as effectively as they should.

Why? They either see such talks as low priority or they avoid them because giving performance feedback can be uncomfortable.

The result: Employees don’t know what’s expected of them. They don’t know how well they’re doing. They don’t know how to get the results your organization needs. Sooner or later, top performers become frustrated and leave. Good performers begin to slide toward trouble. And underperformers stay their course.

The good news is, managers and supervisors can develop the skills and confidence needed to deliver on-target performance talks that get results.

In this program, you will learn how to:

Plus, you’ll get specific ideas for handling the eight performance situations that every manager will face – including, how to deal with problem employees, how to help good employees do better, and how to keep your top performers motivated.

This training kit includes:

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