Success Essentials for New Managers

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Far too often new managers are promoted to a leadership role and let loose to "go manage." Problem is, they lack the foundational skills necessary to get results through other people. Sure, they might be great individual performers, but that doesn't mean they can lead a team.

As a result, new managers often struggle at first -- making mistakes that can kill productivity and crush morale. And in some cases, they crash and burn so badly that they never again attempt to move up the ladder.

The kit contains 3 complete training modules

  1. New Manager Pitfalls: How to Avoid Them and Succeed in a Leadership Role
  2. Delegation: How to Get Results Through Other People
  3. Time Management: Why It’s Not About Time

Each of the 3 topics in this kit includes:

  • The short-form "Quick Take" video learning module
  • Handouts for following along and taking notes
  • Discussion Guide to help direct meaningful follow up conversation and reinforce the message
  • Summary Sheet participants can hang by their desks for quick review
  • Quiz  to reinforces the training and allows you to track how well people internalized the concept

Why "Quick Take" modules?

Short-form: Just six to 10 minutes long. Today's adult learners can't sit for extended periods of time absorbing training material.

Single-Concept: Teaching people just one concept at a time vastly increases the likelihood that learning will be retained and deployed successfully. Each program delivers a single "aha moment".

Research-based: Learners that perceive their training as credible drives a higher level of behavior change.

The research says you’ll get high engagement and high knowledge retention if you structure training events in short segments that focus on one, research-based concept, not three, or four or five.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn in each of the modules:

New Manager Pitfalls: How to Avoid Them and Succeed in a Leadership Role (10:51)

So you just got promoted. You probably got singled out for management because you were a strong performer, a producer who achieved excellent results. Now you’re in charge of a team, and your job is to get OTHER people to be strong performers. But that's easier said than done. It's so difficult, in fact, that most people want nothing to do with it. Of those who take the challenge, many underestimate the complexities of management and fail.

Delegation: How to Get Results Through Other People (10:03)

If delegation were simply about passing our work on to others, everyone would be great at it. But delegation is more complicated than it looks – and getting it right is so critical. In this Quick Take you will learn why delegation is key to advancement for a leader, what the Multiplier Effect is and why it's the Holy Grail of delegation, the Four Fatal Flaws that sabotage delegation, and finally, how to avoid the Abdication Trap.

Time Management: Why It’s Not About Time (7:28)

Has your boss, or maybe even a colleague, ever said, "You need to manage your time a little better"? If so, that's code for, "You’re not getting things done." And it's not a minor problem. It's a game changer, one that affects your promotability, your salary potential and, possibly, the likelihood that your company will keep you around.