The Communication Rapid Learning Series for Managers & Supervisors

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When you think about the best boss you ever had, there's a good chance that he or she was a GREAT communicator. It's a critically important trait in strong bosses. They always seem to know just what to say and just when to say it. They're honest and straight-forward about everything from expectations and attitude to performance and pay.

Unfortunately, not all managers are great communicators. Many are uncomfortable confronting troublesome employees, sharing feedback about performance, talking about money or tackling delicate personal conversations.

The kit contains 5 complete training modules

  1. Why Praise Can Backfire and How To Do It Right
  2. How to Drain the Drama and Emotion from Salary Reviews
  3. The ABC Method: Handling a Bad Attitude
  4. Unlocking the Power of Non-monetary Rewards
  5. Handling Excruciatingly Difficult Conversations

Each of the 5 topics in this kit includes:

  • The short-form "Quick Take" video learning module
  • Handouts for following along and taking notes
  • Discussion Guide to help direct meaningful follow up conversation and reinforce the message
  • Summary Sheet participants can hang by their desks for quick review
  • Quiz  to reinforces the training and allows you to track how well people internalized the concept

Why "Quick Take" modules?

Short-form: Just six to 10 minutes long. Today's adult learners can't sit for extended periods of time absorbing training material.

Single-Concept: Teaching people just one concept at a time vastly increases the likelihood that learning will be retained and deployed successfully. Each program delivers a single "aha moment".

Research-based: Learners that perceive their training as credible drives a higher level of behavior change.

The research says you’ll get high engagement and high knowledge retention if you structure training events in short segments that focus on one, research-based concept, not three, or four or five.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn in each of the modules:

Why Praise Can Backfire and How To Do It Right (8:37)

Experts tell us that we should deliver praise to our employees as often as possible. Recognition is one of the most powerful tools available to improve productivity, moral and loyalty. But giving praise isn't as simply as it seems. Delivering it the wrong way at the wrong time can actually de-motivate workers.

How to Drain the Drama and Emotion from Salary Reviews (11:09)

Discussion about salary is one of the most emotional charged topics in the workplace. Why, because people often equate their self worth and value with the size of their raise. When they don't get what they think they deserve, they walk away thinking, "Why doesn't the company love me anymore?"

The ABC Method: Handling a Bad Attitude (10:44)

In every organization you have a few people with really BAD attitudes. The guy who has trouble dealing with authority … the woman who shows up late all the time … or the average performers who put in minimal effort but continually complain about their mediocre pay and lack of advancement. You could just terminate these employees. But let’s assume they've got skills you need and you decide they're worth saving. This training module will show how to confront "bad-attitude" employees the right way, and maximize the odds that they’ll change themselves and become better team players.

Unlocking the Power of Non-monetary Rewards (6:34)

Non-monetary rewards can be one of the most effective morale and productivity boosters in your leadership toolkit. But you can't just give someone a gift and expect a miracle. The act of giving non-monetary rewards is a "moment of truth" that can end well or badly depending on how it's done. Do it the right way and the appreciation the employee feels can boost productivity, morale and retention. Do it wrong and you'll do more harm than good.

Handling Excruciatingly Difficult Conversations (8:41)

This Quick Take will give you a template you can apply whenever you have to confront an employee about a performance problem, the use of foul language, inappropriate physical contact, excessive use of perfume, unconscious rude behavior, or a host of other problems.

100% Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction: If you're not happy with this program, for any reason, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked.