The Sales Professional's Strategic Answer Book

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What separates top earning sales people from those who simply get by?

The answer: The best sales professionals never stop looking for fresh ways to fine tune their selling skills. They relentlessly pursue new ideas and continuously brush up on their knowledge of the essentials.

Here’s a resource for those looking to step up their game. Benchmarks & Best Practices: The Sales Professional's Strategic Answer Book is an ultra-practical 300-page idea guide that gives an inside look at what today's best sales people are doing to get results.

Our editorial and research team spent more than a year listening to the kinds of questions your fellow sales professionals are asking. We took these questions and went on a mission to find real world answers.

We’ve compiled the results of this research into this guide. No impractical theory or rhetoric — just solid, actionable advice to help you overcome common challenges sales professionals everywhere are struggling with.

Learn what your colleagues and competitors are asking about:

This idea-packed reference tool is a must for any sales professional serious about winning more customers, closing more deals and generating more revenue.