The Supervisor's Safety IQ Challenge

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Learning about workplace safety doesn’t have to be boring. The Safety IQ Challenge gets your team thinking about safety trouble spots and OSHA rules without putting them to sleep with the same old safety lecture.

Safety training works when people are engaged in the message and believe that “IT CAN HAPPEN TO ME.”

This unique resource takes a different approach to safety training. It doesn’t just push a safety message to your team, it encourages them to really think about safety by challenging what they know ... or what they think they know.

This interactive guide covers 78 cases of actual workplace safety incidents ... each presented on two fast-read pages. The first page of each case covers the facts written in a “dramatized scenario” to bring it to life. Then, the challenge ... How did OSHA rule in the case?

The next page gives you the “decision.” It discusses how the case was resolved and – more important – what lesson should be learned from the story.

How to use The Safety IQ Challenge:

Critical safety areas covered include:

  1. Lockout/Tagout
  2. Emergency Procedures
  3. Housekeeping/Policies
  4. PPE
  5. Fall Hazards/Fall Protection
  6. Confined Spaces
  7. Electrical Hazards
  8. Forklift & Heavy Machinery
  9. Machine Guards
  10. Hazardous Materials